Appearing And Passed Students
  • Know everything about Ca cma and cs
  • For commerce and science students
  • For pluz two passed and graduates
  • Free webinar on 26th july
  • Why commerce stream is important during Covid 19
Why this seminar?

Objectives of the session :

  • To explain the career opportunities in commerce.
  • To explain the difference between A CMA and CS career.
  • To explain the career opportunities after the degree of CA CMA and CS
  • To analyse the other courses in commerce
  • To share the hints for success in professional exams
  • To discuss what exactly is to be done today

Deals with:

  • What is commerce?
  • What do commerce commerce students do?
  • Why the status of and demand for commerce is emerging?
  • From where to start exactly?

Studium class room program with online study plan
Students taking admission in Classroom Courses at studium will start preparing with studium Online Study Plan during the lockdown period. Once the lockdown is lifted, students will start with their Offline Classes at the nearest/chosen studium Branch. Similar to Classroom Course, the Online Study Plan includes:

Additionally, there is daily & rigorous follow up with the students by respective branches to ensure all students are on track and understanding the concepts well.

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