Company secretary(CS) is a professional qualification of high stature that holds powerful position and command at the corporate sector. The term ‘secretary’ associated with this profession led many to believe that it’s a position of administrative support. In fact, CS who decides how a company should function upon whose desecration whether the capital of the company be increased by infusion of more funds. That is why they are known as the corporate leader and strategic adviser. As the name suggests, they are ensuring secretarial standards at the company by complying with rules and regulations governing companies. Thereby they are also known as law officer at the company. By observing various roles of CS one could come to a conclusion that this particular professional is all pervasive at company and holding an encompassing role. Even the chairman and directors of the company look up to the decision of the CS and he is the one act as sync between bottom to top level employees. This profession referred to be as most elitist profession in the field of commerce owing the power and status also the financial package combines it be a profession of high status.

Carrier in CS (Company Secretary)

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