Like every other competitive exam, CLAT has a remarkably high demand.
Moreover, with the desire to get admission in one of the best NLUs,
students work very hard. The determination power is on a full charge and
they are willing to compromise on anything for their seat.

Furthermore, in a world where 0.75% differentiates the ranks. And over 15-
20 candidates secure a score of 425 out of 650 in competitive exams, the
competition is high. Because the extreme demand for a professional degree
is commendable.

Keeping the above in mind, CLAT preparation is very important. If you
wish to see yourself enter a law course in some of the best NLUs, then CLAT
preparation is mandatory. By preparation, we do not mean mediocre
preparation. To secure yourself a law seat, the preparation should be such
that you are leading the race. With over 50,000 to 75,000 students
registering, the very thought of an NLU law seat is daunting.

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1)Know yourself

There are five parts to this exam. English, General Knowledge,
Mathematics, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning. In these subjects first, you
should know where you are and which is your difficult subject.

2) Two hours 200 Questions:

Only two hours is restricted to this exam. You will get only 36 seconds for
each question to clarify. The ability will come out when you are completing the
paper in the prescribed time. To achieve this, start practicing now itself.
Don’t waste much time for General Knowledge but you can spend 20-30
minutes for English, Logical Reasoning and legal aptitude.

Most of the achievers follow this method only. First, answer the GK and
then go for English, Logical Reasoning and Legal Aptitude.

3) Leave the questions which you don’t know:

Creating the method only is not enough but you should follow that one. The
important is not where you are scoring the marks but how much you are
scoring. Read every question carefully and understand the question by the
first reading itself.

4) Don’t feel bad:

If the answer is incorrect, 0.25 marks are lost. Guessing should be avoided.
Where there is 50% confidence in the answer, there is nothing wrong with
taking risks. Practice it now so as not to get negative marks.

5) Mock test is mandatory:

A mock test should be done before any exam. Tests should be conducted
online as it is an online exam. Online tests can give you insight into the
policies you should take for the exam.

6) Legal aptitude is important:

If two students have the same score, they will be the tiebreaker and the
marks in the Legal Aptitude section. There are three categories: Legal Facts,
Legal Reasoning and Legal GK. An event in the Legal Reasoning section will
be considered, we need to check how the law works there. Our logic is
important here. Training in answering the previous year’s questions will be
beneficial in this section.

7) GK ???????

General Knowledge is difficult for many. Further questions in this section
will be related to recent events. Newspaper reading is important. You can
also use Yearbook and Online study aids. There is no specific time to start
learning general knowledge. Sports, Industry, Awards, Cinema, and
Government policies should be noted. It is good to learn general knowledge
as a group. It’s also great to do quizzes.

8) English to be polished

If you know there are long passages in the English section. Increase the
speed to read this. This improved reading speed will also benefit other
disciplines. English vocabulary should also be improved.

9) Tricks and Easy steps

Numerical Ability and Logical Reasoning also important categories to note.
There are regular questions in Reasoning. E.g.; a few people are sitting
around the table. Find their seating order from the given clues. Getting
used to the tactics and techniques that can apply to such questions will help
you save time.

10) Parents listen, too

CLAT is a test that evaluates knowledge from thought to speed. The
competition is fierce. Parents are also obligated to give students the
encouragement they need. Do not confuse children with other entrance
during the preparation of CLAT. Study with no sleep and no intervals, quite
eating at the time will affect more harm than good.

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